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Holiday Check Up

Holiday Check Up   16 Dec

I’ve been an elder law attorney for almost 25 years.   My practice has some very identifiable, and very predictable trends.  One trend is that the estate planning side of my practice slows down considerably around the holidays.  Who wants to thing about estate planning during the holidays???  The other trend is that the guardianship portion of my practice picks up considerably after the holidays. Why?  Because families are visiting for the holidays and notice that mom or dad, or grandma or grandpa aren’t doing as well as they used to.  Maybe the house isn’t as clean, or there’s expired food in the fridge.  An elderly loved one may have trouble remembering children’s names, or recognizing distant relatives.  there may be signs that a pot was left on the stove and burned.  Any of these things could be a sign that your family member needs help.

If you’re home for the holidays and you notice these types of changes in your elderly relatives, it may be time to talk to an elder law attorney.  Consider talking to your elderly relative about getting a Power of Attorney and Medical Directive in place.  These document give authority for someone to step in and provide assistance if needed.  Both documents continue to be valid if the elderly person looses capacity or is unable to mage his or her own affairs. Its better to have the documents in place, and not need them, then to need the documents, but be unable to get them because your loved one lacks the capacity to sign.

If you need an elder law consultation, call my office and ask for an appointment.  Home visits, hospital visits, nursing home visits, are all available.  Happy Holidays !