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Probate in Ocean County

Probate in Ocean County   23 Jan Probate in Ocean County Probating an Estate in Ocean County, and then administering the Estate, is not difficult, but it will require organization and attention to detail.  If the Estate is small, the Will is “self proving” and the assets and beneficiaries are easily found, you will probably be… Read More »


Kaizen??   21 Jan I recently read a really good article about the Japanese word “kaizen”. It is a word that is not translatable into a single English word.  Kaizen is a concept that means to make small, continual changes in order to reach a goal.  Read the full article by Tsh Oxenreider can be found here: https://theartofsimple.net/kaizen-and-goals/    The… Read More »

Fiscal Cliff

Fiscal Cliff   31 Jan The good news is that America did not fall over the fiscal cliff.  The bad news is we are left with complicated, convoluted tax laws that few people understand.   the so-called fiscal cliff was avoided with the adoption of the American Tax Payer Relief Act of 20120 . I attended a seminar… Read More »

Holiday Check Up

Holiday Check Up   16 Dec I’ve been an elder law attorney for almost 25 years.   My practice has some very identifiable, and very predictable trends.  One trend is that the estate planning side of my practice slows down considerably around the holidays.  Who wants to thing about estate planning during the holidays???  The other… Read More »

Recognizing Your Limits

Recognizing Your Limits   04 Mar At the end of last month, Pope Benedict XVI retired, the first Pope is 600 years to resign.  News source around the world are calling the Pope humbly corageous.   It was reported that health concerns prevented the Pope from fulfilling his duties in the way in which he wanted, and… Read More »