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Recognizing Your Limits

Recognizing Your Limits   04 Mar

At the end of last month, Pope Benedict XVI retired, the first Pope is 600 years to resign.  News source around the world are calling the Pope humbly corageous.   It was reported that health concerns prevented the Pope from fulfilling his duties in the way in which he wanted, and he resigned to let some one else take over the difficult tasks ahead.

As an Elder Law Attorney, I also thought the Pope’s actions were humbly courageous.  I often see clients who continue to drive, long past the time when they can do so safely.  I help the adult children of clients unravel the mess when elderly parents are no longer able to manage their own finances, but hold on to the purse strings too long.  I file guardianships when medical decsions need to be made and no one has been named to make those decisions.

Like a retiring CEO of a business, we all need a succession plan, a way in which the business of our lives will continue to operate.  But more importantly, we need to be able to recognize when its time to step down, and let the plans we have put in place take over.

Everyone, regardless of age, should have an updated Power of Attorney and Advance Medical Directive, also known as a Living Will,  to allow a surrogate decision maker to assist with whatever decisions are necessary.  Call my office today for a free consultation if you don’t have a Power of Attorney or Advance Medical Directive.